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Product quality

The concept of ``quality`` is considered as a complex component that includes includes the quality of the final product, the quality of management, the quality of deliveries or works. Quality management is a coordinated and interrelated activity for a system that is designed to provide reliable and smooth operation of the organization. Management of the organization, in relation to quality, means that all activities it is subject to the established quality goals, and to achieve these goals in the organization has developed a system of plans and has the necessary resources, actions are performed to achieve the set goals. Quality management includes four main components: - quality control - quality assurance - quality planning - quality improvement Quality control is the activity of evaluating the compliance of an object of control requirements. Evaluation activities may include measurements, tests, observations, monitoring verification, calibration, etc. activities that result in comparison of observed values characteristics with the specified parameters. Quality assurance is a systematic (regular) an activity that allows you to meet the set requirements. She includes work on production, management, material support, maintenance, ETC. Quality planning is an action that involves defining the required characteristics of the object and setting their target values. Quality management refers to such actions as setting goals in the field of quality. Quality planning also includes defining processes and resources needed to achieve the goals. Quality improvement consists in the implementation of actions that can be used to increase the organization's ability to MEET the requirements for the object, Under the concept of ``object`` quality management considers products, processes, the management system and the organization as a whole. The company has implemented the following quality management systems: EN 1090 ISO 3834